The Sentence is used to control the scope of data in each section of the application. It is identified by the blue bar at the top of each page (as shown below):

The basic components of the Sentence from left to right are:

  • Metric - Pageviews, Visits, etc...
  • Filter - Any custom defined Filter as well as pre-defined "segments"
  • Dimension - Provided fields and custom fields
  • Date - Single date range and compare date ranges

For Funnels, there is also the type of funnel and the time to bind the funnel by.

To change each individual component, select the new component and value and apply the change. The data on the page will update after the new values are applied.


Dates are a key component to each visualization in the application. The date picker can be left open on the page or hidden from view. Click on any of the dates in the sentence to slide open a drawer displaying the date picker (as shown below):

Choose the begin/end dates either in the calendars or in the text fields. Once the initial date has been selected, the next available date to be selected will be highlighted. Turn on compare ranges by clicking on the chain-link icon next to the apply button, the "compare to" range will be highlighted in orange.

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