Once you've connected your Facebook or Google advertising accounts, Zaius Segment Sync enables you to automatically sync any segment(s) on a daily basis.

1. Navigate to Customers > Segment Manager

The Zaius Segment Manager UI provides access to all of your segments. From here, you can select any segment to view more details.

2. Turn on Segment Sync

Under the Segment summary description, which provides you real time count of customers in a segment and the % of your total customer base, you will find two toggles labeled Google and Facebook. By turning on one or both of the toggles, you begin syncing the selected segment on a daily basis, starting immediately.

The process is simple, and to turn off the sync, simple turn the toggle to "Off".

NOTE: Segment Size Requirements

Google and Facebook both have segment size requirements for you to use the audience in campaigns.

Google: Must have 1,000 emails to upload a segment.
Facebook: Must have at least 20 individual email addresses for you to be able to target an audience. However, Facebook recommends having a larger audience size so that your cost per action and relevance score is higher. If your audience size is too small, it will be difficult to deliver and optimize your ad properly.

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