Getting started with email lists

Creating a new list in Zaius is easy. Click "New List" and name the list. Upon saving, you will be presented with a blank list detail page.

Importing an email list

After you have successfully named your list, you can drag and drop a CSV or click browse to find a list file on your computer. After importing your list to Zaius, your customers will populate in a table and are saved automatically.

Format your data correctly

Zaius imports your list in CSV UTF-8 format, so be sure to include a header row with field names. The only required field to import a list is email. Zaius also accepts an action field that can have values subscribe or unsubscribe. If action is omitted, subscribe is assumed. You can also optionally provide customer_id.

When importing your list file directly into an email list the CSV name should begin with 'zaius_list'.

Embed an email list form on your site

(Legacy method - please use the new Web Modals and Embeds)
Whenever you create a new list, Zaius will also provide you with a unique form and the code to go with your form. The unique code that is generated should be installed on your site wherever you would like to add customers to this list. Zaius provides two different forms per list. You can choose either the full form or the simple form. In order for the form to work correctly, you will also need the Zaius Javascript tag on your page.


We recommend having someone familiar with HTML & CSS install the form on your site. This form will not have any styling and will most likely require someone to style appropriately to your site.

For troubleshooting tips, please see here.

Exporting an email list

To export a list, navigate to the top right section of the list detail page. Click the export button and a CSV formatted file will download to your computer.

Understand your list performance

As your list changes, Zaius will track the number of customers in the lists as well as the list's unsubscribe rate.

High unsubscribe rate

While reviewing your lists performance, if you come across a list with a higher unsubscribe rate, consider serving them different content.

Contacting an email list in campaigns

Contacting a list in Zaius requires a couple of steps. Navigate over to campaigns and select "All Customers" in the segment builder. After your segment is done loading, look under the constraint section. Turn on the switch "Users subscribed to (select)". When you turn the switch on, you can select the list you want to contact.

Alternatively, if you do not want to constrain your segment based on a list, but still want to include an unsub link for that list, you can use the following link format for your list unsubscribe button:{{}}&tracker_id=[YOUR_TRACKER_ID]&list_id=[YOUR_LIST_ID]

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