The Rocket Table is a powerful way to build pivot tables using your Expressions and Sentences for each column. It allows you to create as many fields defined how you want them to be defined.

A few good examples of what you can do with a Rocket Table are:

  1. See many goals or conversions in one table
  2. See different channels and how they converted or drove traffic
  3. View custom metrics for different sections or sites

How to use the Rocket Table

From the Reports section you can access the Rocket table by clicking on the tab in the middle of the screen labelled "Rocket Table". From there you by default see an empty table, and you can start to build the Rocket Table by clicking on the icon on the upper right corner of the table.

The Rocket Table on the Reports section is driven by using the dimension in the Sentence at the top of the page, and each column is driven by the Sentences within the configuration of the table.

You can change the order of the columns by dragging the three bar icon on the Sentence and can remove the column by clicking on the 'x'.

Add a Column

To add a column from with the Rocket Table, select the configuration icon and click the button.

Configure Columns using the Sentence

Each column is driven by a Sentence that describes the metric you would like to see. There are four to five components that need to be in each Sentence.

Metric Type: count, sum, ratio, unique count, visits, unique visitors
Metric Column(s): if you choose sum, ratio or unique count the you need to choose the column that you want to apply that metric type too
Expression: the filter that you want applied to the column
Format: number, decimal, percentage or time
Label: The name you want to give the column

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