Zaius Unsubscribe method

Zaius has developed our own unsubscribe method that can be used instead of SendGrid's. This can be used by assigning a URL of {{zaius.unsub_url}}  to your unsubscribe link.

This link will function differently depending on whether or not you are using a list constraint in your campaign:

  • if your campaign is using a list constraint, anyone who clicks the unsubscribe link in that campaign will be unsubscribed from the list specified in the constraint, but the customer will not be unsubscribed globally.
  • if your campaign is not using a list constraint, anyone who clicks the unsubscribe link in that campaign will be unsubscribed globally via a list unsubscribe event (their email_status will be updated to Unsubscribed)

Other differences between the Zaius and the SendGrid unsubscribe methods are:

  • brings customer to a confirmation page and allows them to resubscribe
  • doesn't require the use of a static variable (which means it can be easily used in saved elements)

SendGrid unsubscribe method

Depending on your account settings, if SendGrid does not detect an unsubscribe link, it will automatically add a default, unstyled, unsubscribe link to all emails to ensure compliance with relevant laws. You can test this by sending a test message without an unsubscribe link. Your Customer Success Manager can turn this setting on or off for you so if you need it changed, please contact them.

If this setting is turned on and you'd like to include a styled unsubscribe link in your email campaign instead, you must have a link to a particular URL. To add this into an individual campaign, go to the message edit ("source") view, and create a new static variable to use in the template. Name the variable unsubscribe_url with the value <%unsubscribe_url%>.

This variable can be used in the following way:

    Unsubscribe test

  Click here to unsubscribe.

Alternatively, if you are using ZED, you can assign a URL of '{{unsubscribe_url}}' for your unsubscribe link - you still need to set the variables up as described above though.

When a user clicks the unsubscribe link they will be added to SendGrid's Global Unsubscribes, which your Customer Success Manager has access to. Zaius will also update the user's customer profile to show they have unsubscribed, and automatically exclude then from reachable audiences within campaigns (i.e., Zaius won't attempt to send them an email, knowing they are unsubscribed).

Manual Unsubscription

Sometimes, a user needs to be unsubscribed manually. In order to do so, upload an events CSV file (named, for example, zaius_events_unsubs.csv - it must begin with "zaius_events" and be a UTF-8 CSV file) containing an unsubscribe event (or generate an unsubscribe event via the HTTP API).
The example CSV below when uploaded to your account would unsubscribe two users ("" and "") from all email sent from your account.


Contacting an email list in campaigns

Contacting a list in Zaius requires a couple of steps. Navigate over to campaigns and select "All Customers" in the segment builder. After your segment is done loading, look under the constraint section. Turn on the switch "Users subscribed to (select)". When you turn the switch on, you can select the list you want to contact.

Alternatively, if you do not want to constrain your segment based on a list, but still want to include an unsub link for that list, you can use the following link format for your list unsubscribe button:{{}}&tracker_id=[YOUR_TRACKER_ID]&list_id=[YOUR_LIST_ID]

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