This document will discuss the necessary steps to setup Silverpop and Zaius for integration.

Silverpop Configuration

Setup the account and gather credentials

  • Ensure you are logged in as a silverpop administrative user.
  • Master / Organization suppression must be enabled to adhere to the opt out for emails sent via the ZAIUS. Database / List level suppression will not be sufficient.
  • In Silverpop Settings, create an account for Zaius. Please note these account credentials
  • In Settings > Organization Settings > Application Account Access, click the Add Application button and create an application with the "Zaius" and please note the "Client ID" and "Client Secret". See screenshot below

Click on the application for details

Copy the Client ID and Client Secret

  • Next click the "Add Account Access" button, select the "Zaius" application and the user created in the previous step. The Refresh Token will be emailed to the notification address for the user account selected here. Please note the refresh token from this email.

Create Folders for Data and Templates

  • Login as a user who can create folders
  • Click on the "Data" Tab
  • Click on the "Shared" Tab
  • Click the Folder Icon to create a new Folder
  • Enter "Zaius" for the name (case sensitive). Click OK
  • This should create a folder for data used to send email campaigns through Zaius
  • Next Click on the "Content" tab
  • Click on the "Shared" tab
  • Click on the Folder Icon to create a new Folder
  • Enter "Zaius" for the name (case sensitive). Click OK
  • This should create a folder for email templates used by Zaius

Capture your Pod number

  • Finally grab your "Pod number" from the URL location of your browser that you're logged into as shown in the image below. In this example, the pod number is "5". Please note this pod number:

That is it for settings on the Silverpop side!

Zaius Setup

Assuming you've followed the steps above, you should have collected this set of information that will complete the integration:

  • Pod Number
  • Account Credentials (used for FTP Username and FTP Password)
  • Client ID
  • Client Secret
  • Refresh Token
  • User Time Zone

Please place those items into the UI as shown, click "Save", and you'll be ready to go!

Data Timing

Zaius Pulls send, open and click data from Silverpop every hour at the beginning of the hour.

Zaius IP Address Whitelisting

If the user account used by Zaius has IP address restrictions, you'll need to whitelist Zaius' IP address for that account by following these steps:

  1. In the top level menu, click on "Settings" then "User Accounts".
  2. Click on the user name for the account to be used by Zaius.
  3. Click on "User IP Restrictions" section.
  4. Click on "Add new IP Address".
  5. In the "IP Address" input, enter "" (without quotes) and click the "Add" button.
  6. Check the "Allow API Access" checkbox for the newly added IP address.
  7. Click the "Turn On" button in the modal that appears.
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