Create an API Key

  1. Log into ExactTarget (Salesforce Marketing Cloud) at:
  2. Log into Salesforce Marketing Cloud App Center at:
  3. Create an account if you don’t already have one. Note: this account is different than your normal ExactTarget account.
  4. Click "Create New App" in the top right:
  1. Select "API Integration":
  1. Create a new API Integration with name “ZAIUS” and package “zaius”. Click "Next".
  1. Click "Link to Account".
  1. In the pop-up, confirm that the account is correct and click "Integrate".
  1. In Data Access, select the following permissions and click "Next":
  • Channels > Email: Read, Send, Write
  • Contacts > Audiences: Read, Write
  • Contacts > List And Subscribers: Read, Write
  • Hub > Campaign: Read, Write
  • Data > Data Extensions: Read, Write
  • Data > File Locations: Read, Write
  • Data > Tracking Events: Read
  1. Review your options and click "Finish".

Add ExactTarget Integration to ZAIUS

  1. Navigate to Cog Icon > Data Management > Integrations. Select the Exact Target Tab. Fill in your details to match the those from Salesforce Marketing Cloud App Center.
  1. Fill in the Send Classification (use External Key not name) and Exclusion Filter to match how you usually send from ExactTarget.
  2. The Subscriber Key Type determines how Exact Target subscribers map to customers in Zaius. If your subscriber key is a globally unique customer ID, then select Customer ID. Otherwise, select Customer Email (and your subscriber keys must be email addresses).
  3. Click "Save".
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