The Zaius HubSpot integration automates the import of contacts along with sends, opens, clicks, bounces, and spam reports from HubSpot into Zaius. An initial historical import of all contacts with email addresses will be performed. After the initial import, an ongoing periodical sync of any newly created or updated contacts will be done to ensure your contact data is always current in Zaius. There is also an initial historical import of 60 days of email event data, followed by an ongoing hourly import of recent campaign activity.


1. Navigate to the Integrations page within the Zaius platform

2. There you will find a card for configuring the HubSpot connection

3. Next, all that is needed is your Portal ID and API Key. These can be found on the Integrations page within HubSpot.

4. Enter these values on the Integrations page within Zaius.

Once you have successfully saved your HubSpot configuration, Zaius will begin the initial historical import. Progress of the import can be viewed on the Activity Log page in Zaius.

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