The Activity Log is an excellent resource to see what Zaius is working on. You can see when certain processes start and when they finish. If something does not work as expected, this is a good place to check to see if there have been any errors or failures.

Each entry in the Activity Log is displayed in-line. Clicking on a given entry will provide a more user-friendly view of the presented information.

Campaign Groups

A successful campaign group run will progress as follows:

1. The campaign group will begin running.

Clicking on the entry provides the below information. This view conveniently provides direct links to the campaign group and individual campaigns.

2. Each campaign within the group will start running. If this is a prioritized campaign group, each successive campaign will wait for the completion of the campaign immediately prior before beginning its run.

3. Each campaign will finish running.

Clicking on the entry provides the below table. Here, you can see how many communications were sent in total, as well as how many for each individual template and the control group.

4. When all campaigns have finished, the campaign group will report the overall completion of all campaigns within the group.

Errors may appear if something went wrong. The error message will help in debugging the issue.

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