ZED contains a Dynamic Grid Element which allows you to populate an email with a grid of dynamic content. Content can be based on:

Creating a Dynamic Grid 

To get started, from the Engage menu, select the Templates tab. Click Create New Template. In the Elements pane on the right, drag Dynamic Grid into the design window. 

Select the grid and navigate to the Details pane on the right, which offers a variety of options for configuring the grid, including content, color, layout, and padding. 

Note the three basic options for grid content:

  1. Feed: The dimension of content used to populate the grid. The Feed will default to Products, as this is most commonly used. 
  2. Source: The data reference used to populate the grid - this is where to attach your behaviors or product recommendations. 
  3. Timeframe: The timeframe for the specified behavior. This overrides the timeframe from the first step of the behavior.

There are two Sources you can reference when populating a Dynamic Grid. Click the links below to learn more. 

Next, pull Elements from the right pane into your Dynamic Grid and populate the necessary fields using Liquid. For example, typical setup would contain:

  • Image element with image URL: {{product.image_url}}
  • Text element containing product name: {{product.name}}

Note that whichever Elements you include in the first cell will be automatically repeated for other cells. 

Finally, preview the template to make sure it is working correctly. 

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