How do I know if Zaius is fully operational?

Visit to get real-time information about the operational status of the platform. Click “Subscribe To Updates” to receive alerts regarding a change in status.

What’s the best way to contact Support? Should I reach out to my Customer Success Manager directly?

The best ways to contact Support are either through in-app chat or by emailing This will ensure that you get the fastest response and solution. Your Customer Success Manager (CSM) may not be available if you reach out directly, but the Support channels will be staffed. If you have an issue that requires input from your CSM, Support will involve them.

When is Support available? 

Support is available via chat and email during business hours 8AM-8PM EST Monday through Friday. The guaranteed response time for all communication channels is within the stated SLA for your support plan.

Does Zaius offer weekend support?

For critical issues and questions impacting campaigns that are scheduled to run over the weekend and Monday morning before US business hours, Zaius offers on-call support coverage via the standard email and chat channels.  

If I’m working over the weekend on a campaign that’s scheduled for Monday afternoon or early in the week, will Support help me with my questions?

You may reach out to Support during this time. However, they will respond on Monday. Weekend support is available for mission-critical campaigns scheduled on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday morning before US business hours. We need to be sure that we have all the resources available to assist with those immediate campaigns.

I scheduled my campaign to run at 10:00; it’s 10:15 and I haven’t received my emails. Is there something wrong?

Not necessarily. When you schedule your campaigns to start at a certain time, the campaign is released into a queue of all emails that are scheduled. This process can take anywhere from 0 seconds to almost an hour to complete depending on the volume of outbound and inbound traffic.

I’m not sure if my campaign has been released. Should I resend it or schedule it to run again?

Before you schedule or resend your campaign, please check the Activity Log. If you don’t see what you’re expecting there, please wait 20 minutes and check again. If you're still not seeing it after 30 minutes, please contact Support.

Help! I’m looking at my campaign reporting and not seeing reporting for a campaign that was recently released.

The best place to look to get practically real time information about campaigns is in your Activity Log. You will be able to see if your send was successful. Data takes some time to refresh within Zaius, so you may not see metrics for 20 minutes.

Zaius experienced an outage when my campaign was scheduled to run. What do I do?

In the rare event that Zaius experienced an outage when your campaign was scheduled to run, Zaius Engineering will ensure that your campaigns are deployed and your emails are sent. If you’re not sure of the status, please check the Activity Log or contact Support. 

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