When users click a link in your email, if they are not logged in on your site, Zaius may not be able to identify who they are. Click-Through Stitching allows you to add user identification to the URLs in your campaigns. This parameter provides more information to the Zaius user resolution process ensuring that Zaius is capturing information across devices, browsers, and sessions. 

When designing email templates, you have the option to add a special parameter called zm64_id to a specific link or all links in your template.

In ZED this is referred to as "Click-Through Stitching" and is defaulted to "off" (see caveats below).





Add to a Single Link (available in dropdown)

Add to all Links

One Caveat

If a user forwards the email when this is turned on, all the links will identify traffic as the user you sent to, not the user it was forwarded to. So avoid use of this UTM parameter in campaigns that are frequently forwarded like coupon codes or sales.

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