A behavior is a series of customer actions that model the way customers interact with your brand. It is a set of specific expressions in a specific order. 

A constraint is a restriction applied to a campaign that allows you to narrow down the campaign audience more granularly based on certain conditions. Constraints can be used to include or exclude people based on specific actions they have (or have not) taken. Constraints are used like filters and are a mechanism to ensure customers don't receive campaigns too frequently. 

Customer profile
A customer profile is a single, holistic view of each customer’s interaction with your brand across all touchpoints—email, web, ecommerce, social ads, search ads, etc.—that enables you to understand, target, and convert customers more effectively. 

Dynamic content
Dynamic content is content that changes based on customer behavior, changing aspects of the product catalog (e.g., best selling products, top viewed products), or automated product recommendations. It is used to create a personalized experience customized to each customer. 

An engagement is a purchasing-related attribute related to a customer. Examples include first/last purchase date, first/last seen date, and lifecycle stage.

An expression is an event-level filter that is used throughout Zaius to scope data or filter on different views. It is a characterization of a collection of events. 

A filter is restriction applied to a segment that allows you to narrow down the audience more granularly based on an expression. 

Identity stitching
Identity stitching is the process of unifying customer interactions across channels and devices to understand how they shop and engage them more effectively. 

IP warming
IP warming is the practice of gradually increasing your email send volume over time on a dedicated IP to establish credibility with ISPs. It is intended to establish a strong sender reputation across ISPs and ensure your emails are successfully reaching your engaged users, hitting inboxes, and not being flagged as spam. 

A segment is an identifiable group of users that share one or more characteristics and constantly changes due to variables associated with their browsing patterns, engagement, and purchase history. Segments are used in Zaius for reporting/analysis and campaign targeting. 

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