Enable Password Access to API in Zendesk

  1. Go to Settings API Password Access
  2. Toggle the Setting to "Enabled"

Login to Zendesk in Zaius

  1. Go to Settings Integrations
  2. Click Zendesk
  3. Add your Zendesk Domain (the custom part of your zendesk url; e.g.
  4. Add your credentials

IMPORTANT NOTICE: You must be an administrator within Zendesk to successfully integrate with Zaius via username and password authentication. See Zendesk for more information or setup an API token and provide that to Zaius instead.


  • When you setup the Zendesk integration, your customers, satisfaction ratings, tickets and ticket events are imported into Zaius.
  • Every 15 minutes after that, Zaius will request updated data from Zendesk

Data Overview


  • Name
  • Email
  • Organization of User
  • User Time Zone
  • Language

Tickets (new object)

  • Type
  • Status
  • Priority
  • Agent Name
  • Agent Role

New Event Types

  • Support Ticket
  • Support Satisfaction

New Event Fields

  • Agent Name
  • Agent Role
  • Organization Name


  • Ticket Priority 
  • Ticket Status 
  • Ticket Type


  • Reason
  • Rating
  • Agent
  • Score
  • Comment

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