Campaign Reports are what you see when you click a campaign name from the campaign list page. These reports calculate revenue in a way that may be different from what you are accustomed to. Due to the fact that UTM tags can be an unreliable way to track conversions, we use a different method in our Campaign Reports. Our method will look at each conversion and check what the last email open or click was by that customer prior to making their purchase inside the timeframe defined (3 days is the default). The last campaign that was opened or clicked by the customer will be the campaign that is credited with the conversion and the associated revenue. 

Campaign A is sent to customer on Monday.
Customer opens the Campaign A on Tuesday and clicks on one of the links.
Campaign B is sent to customer on Wednesday.
Customer opens Campaign B on Wednesday but doesn't click.
Customer comes back to the site Thursday and makes a purchase.
Campaign B will be attributed with the order and revenue in this example. 

The idea behind this is that Campaign B was the most recent engagement the customer had with your brand prior to purchasing.

If you want to use a different attribution model, attribution reports offer a very customizable way to do so.

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