We have a lot of big changes to the campaigns page!

  • All of your most important email metrics in a single location - sends, opens, and clicks, plus revenue, conversions, and more!
  • New campaign statuses that tell you exactly where your campaigns are in the send process.
  • More traits about your campaigns readily available in the new high-level view, including: channel, whether the campaign has an A/B test or is emulated, and any associated campaign tags.
  • Aggregate metrics to sum up all your results in a single tile.
  • Campaign group management alongside the rest of campaign management.


Until now, you had to go to several different places to get the results of your campaigns - rocket tables, attribution reports, and campaign summary pages, depending on which metrics you were looking for. Now, all those metrics are right at your fingertips on the campaign page, without all the extra navigation!

We also heard from you that it wasn’t readily clear how your campaigns were configured or what they were doing. With campaign statuses and other information right there on the new campaign tile, you won’t have to dig into the campaign to understand what it is or if it’s sending - whether it’s a recurring Cart Abandonment campaign actively sending, a one-time newsletter that is done with its user local timezone send, or an active A/B test running for your welcome email.

How does it work?

We process all the metrics behind the scenes, so you don’t have to configure the rocket tables and attribution reports yourself - just check out the new page! Or, watch the walkthrough video below as we take you through all the changes!

Who Can Use This?

Everyone will have access to the new campaign page layout!

Feature Documentation

Campaigns Page: Detailed information regarding the new layout of the campaign page. https://help.zaius.com/engage/campaigns-page

Campaign Metrics: Definitions and details regarding all the metrics that appear on the campaigns page. https://help.zaius.com/engage/campaign-metrics

Campaign Statuses and Actions: Descriptions of the new campaign statuses and which actions you (and Zaius) can take during each status. https://help.zaius.com/engage/campaign-statuses-and-actions

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