UTM parameters help Zaius track what campaigns and content (specific message) your email recipients are clicking on and visiting your website through, as well as the medium (channel) and source (in our case, Zaius itself). See this doc for more information on UTM parameters.

Zaius automatically adds UTM parameters to links via this option found in ZED:

SendGrid also has a setting to automatically add UTM parameters. Within the SendGrid UI, this is found in Settings > Tracking > Google Analytics.

Typically, we recommend that this setting in SendGrid be turned off - we don't want both Zaius and SendGrid adding UTM parameters at the ends of links!

However, if you are sending emails both through Zaius, and through SendGrid directly (without Zaius being involved), you may have reasons to allow SendGrid to add these UTM parameters. In this case, the emails that are sent through SendGrid directly would not go through Zaius, and thus Zaius would not have the opportunity to attach its own UTM parameters.

In the above scenario, you would want SendGrid to sometimes attach UTM parameters (i.e., when sending directly through SendGrid), but specifically not attach UTM parameters when Zaius already took care of it. To allow this, we added an option in your email templates:

The above option is set to be on by default. That means that when Zaius is sending an email through SendGrid, we will make sure that the links only have one set of UTM parameters, and those will be set by Zaius.

There may be cases where you still want SendGrid to always attach UTM parameters. While we don't recommend this, we allow you to remove the override by unchecking this box. Just remember that if you have both Zaius and SendGrid attach UTM parameters that your links can include up to two each of utm_campaign, utm_content, utm_medium, and utm_source. This may complicate your analytics depending on which tools you use. For example, Zaius always takes the first UTM parameters it sees, but Google Analytics takes the last UTM parameters it sees.

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