Do you have customers that just don't seem to be engaging with your emails? Sometimes customers become unengaged and you target them with your Winback campaign and they don't even engage with that. What should you do?

At this point, you should stop emailing them, but there is another way to try to get them back through another channel - here is how to do that:

  1. Navigate to Customers > Segments
  2. Create a new segment
  3. Add criteria that they were sent your Winback campaign recently (at least 3 days is the recommendation to allow them time to open/click)
  4. Add AND criteria that they also have not opened or clicked an email in the last 3 days (this number should be equal to or higher than the # of days in the previous step).
  5. Save your segment and activate Segment Sync to send it to Facebook and/or Google.
  6. Set up your retargeting campaign in Facebook and/or Google.

Side note - make sure your active audience has some criteria to include recent pageviews (up to 30 days) so that if the re-targeting works, you can try to re-engage them over email.

Screenshot of example segment:

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