To better tailor your campaigns to your customers, you can create dynamic blocks that show or hide within a campaign based on your customers' fulfillment of a behavior. 

Here are the steps to do so, with the example use case of showing a coupon if the customer has not made any purchase in the past:

  1. Create the behavior looking for users who have not ordered in the past:

2. Make sure to check the box right below the behavior 

3. In your campaign, drag in a dynamic grid.
4. In the details of the dynamic grid setup, toggle 'More options.'
5. Select the 'Events' feed.
6. Select the behavior you just created in the 'Source' dropdown.
7. Toggle the 'Required' slider to be off.

8. Change the grid settings to 1 column and 1 row if you only need 1 block, instead of a grid.

9. Now create the content inside the dynamic grid you want to show a user who has never made a purchase. 

Once these steps are complete, your campaign will send out to everyone in the segment you've selected, but this dynamic grid will show or hide based on whether the customer has purchased in the past.

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