First impressions are everything! We recommend creating Welcome Campaigns as they are a great way for your brand to introduce yourself and familiarize customers with your brand. 

Did you know that customers are most likely to engage with your brand when they are new? Put your best foot forward and set up a welcome campaign in Zaius today.

The first Welcome Campaign (Welcome 1):

Before we begin, we will want to understand what will trigger this first campaign to go out in your current welcome series.

One example is to have the trigger for your campaign based on a user's subscribe event (a list subscribe). The setup for this trigger is as follows:

Create a filter. This filter could be called 'email subscribe' with event type  = "list" and action = "subscribe".

**Note: Customer fields should not be used in filters for event-triggered campaigns. When a customer's profile is updated to include any new field or event, such as logging when a user has opened or clicked an email, the entire customer profile is updated, so using a customer field in an event-trigger may cause users to receive the campaign multiple times.

Once your filter is created, navigate to:
Engage > Campaigns > Create New Campaign

Then, on the campaign configuration page, choose 'Customers that Match an event' and select the filter you just created "Customers that match Email Subscribe" as the event that will trigger the campaign to send out to the user.


The constraints that are automatically applied upon choosing an event-triggered campaign are as follows:

  • Do not send more than 1 message to a single user per hour
  • Do not send if trigger event is more than 5 minutes old
  • Do not send to unreachable customers toggled on

These constraints can be adjusted by clicking where the values are underlined in blue: 


When sending event-triggered campaigns, scheduling is Not Applicable because the sends are triggered when Zaius receives a user's subscribe event.

Welcome 2

With Zaius' Omnichannel Campaign Manager, you have the ability to add multiple touchpoints and set a delay between them like so:

Once you select the delay, your touchpoints will appear like so:

With this second touchpoint configured, users who subscribe on your site will immediately receive the Welcome 1 touchpoint, and then 2 days later, they will receive the Welcome 2 touchpoint.

*Advanced Use Case: In Zaius, edit your campaign to treat the new customers who have purchased different from those who have not yet purchased. For more ideas on this, reach out to your Customer Success Manager. 

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