Once you launch a campaign, you'll immediately be put into the metrics mode of the campaign screen. The screen will look pretty much the same, except you'll now have access to metrics! (The other main effect will be that you can't edit any of the campaign setup - but don't worry, just click the "Edit Campaign" button at the top right corner of the screen if you need to make any changes.)

Once in this metrics mode, you can get at two types of metrics: touchpoint metrics and "in-between" metrics.

Touchpoint Metrics

You'll quickly notice that touchpoint metrics are actually the exact same as campaign metrics - the only difference is that the metrics are now calculated for the individual touchpoints. This means that campaign metrics are really the aggregate metrics for all touchpoints within a campaign.

For example:

  • Starting off simple - let's say you launch a newsletter campaign that has a single touchpoint. In this case, the touchpoint metrics will actually be the exact same as the campaign metrics on the campaign list page - there's no extra work to do! 100 sends of the one touchpoint equates to 100 sends overall for the entire campaign.
  • Now let's go a step farther. Let's say you have a cart abandonment campaign with two touchpoints, both emails. Each of those touchpoint's metrics will be calculated separately. If 10 customers receive the first touchpoint, and 5 customers opened the email, that's an open rate of 50% for the first touchpoint. If 5 of the customers receive the second touchpoint (we'll say the others exited the campaign with a purchase), and 1 of those customers opened the email, that's an open rate of 20% for the second touchpoint. When calculating the campaign-level metrics, we have to sum up all the numbers - in this case, we'd end up with 15 total sends and 6 total opens across both touchpoints, and thus a campaign-level open rate of 40%.

For a deeper dive into how these campaign (and touchpoint) metrics are calculated, see the campaign metrics doc.

In-Between Metrics

Between touchpoints, right next to the wait timeframe, you'll see a button with a person on it. Click that, and you'll see a few additional metrics - Waiting, Exited, and Timed Out.

Waiting: The number of customers who received the previous touchpoint, but are still waiting to receive the next touchpoint.

Exited: The number of customers who exited the campaign series by matching the event match exit criteria.

Timed Out: The number of customers who were not reachable after waiting the amount of time set for the unreachable exit criteria.

Reprioritized: The number of customers who were removed from the campaign because they qualified for and started receiving a higher priority campaign. Note: this only appears for campaigns within a prioritized campaign group.

For more information on the event match and unreachable exit criteria mentioned above, see the campaign series creation doc.

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