We are pleased to announce Omnichannel Campaign Manager!

  • Multiple touchpoints within a single campaign for simpler campaign coordination
  • Multi-channel campaigns to coordinate communications within a single campaign across multiple channels
  • Touchpoint metrics to see how your campaign is performing, in context on the campaign page itself


Previously, sending a series of communications to your customers meant coordinating between multiple distinct campaigns. With the introduction of campaign series, you can now set up these separate communications as a series of touchpoints within a single campaign!

With these touchpoints living in a single place, this means you can truly have multi-channel campaigns! You can send an email to users that cart abandon, then send a web push when they come back to the website, and lastly hit them up with one final email if they still haven't purchased.

We also extended the campaign metrics concept into touchpoint metrics, so that you can see how your individual touchpoints are performing, right there within the context of the campaign page!

How does it work?

Check out the overview video below for a walkthrough of the new feature!

Who can use this?

Users sending campaigns through Zaius directly (OEM), SendGrid, or ExactTarget.

Feature Documentation

How to create a campaign series: Just as it sounds! Everything you need to know about creating your first campaign series. http://help.zaius.com/engage/how-to-create-a-campaign-series

Campaign series metrics: A description of how campaign metrics work at the touchpoint level, plus information on the new "in-between" metrics. http://help.zaius.com/engage/campaign-series-metrics

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