Why is the 'Subscribe' button not working? Nothing happens when I submit my email.

  • The button will look like its not working and there is no confirmation message given after you submit your email. This is because we leave it open for you to choose what kind of confirmation you want to give your users. You can choose to display a browser alert, display text right above the form, or even hide the form. We leave it up to you to decide the most appropriate user experience.

I'm testing the form, why isn't my email showing up in Zaius?

  • Your email will not appear instantly in Zaius. This is because it takes up to 15 minutes for events data to be ingested and displayed in the platform

Does the form do any validation?

  • Email list forms are embedded into your HTML and there is some front-end validation done to make sure that what's submitted are valid email address, so a check is done to look for aspects like '@' and the domain. Beyond that, the form is unable to check for things like duplicate emails entered, etc.
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