This integration is currently in Beta
Please use the following link to access our Zapier app:

Zapier allows you to integrate into many other products on the market, included Google Sheets and internal APIs you may have. We have a full featured Zapier integration that allows you to perform common tasks (subscribe people to a list) and more complex tasks (update a status on an order after looking up someone's profile).

The integration automatically pulls is in any custom fields you have created within Zaius.


The most common use of our App in Zapier is an Action from other sources you have. These are the actions we support with our Zaius Zapier App. 

  • Create or update customers
  • Create or update products
  • Create orders with line item support
  • Update orders without line item support (order level field updates)
  • Create events¬†
  • Manage list subscriptions
  • Create GDPR Opt-out


Searches allow you to use information from a flow in Zapier to interact or lookup other data within Zaius. Zaius currently supports these searches:

  • Get a customer based on email address, all attributes
  • Get a customer's list subscriptions based on email address
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