After setting up your email campaign in Zaius, we highly recommend previewing your campaign by selecting either the Preview or Test options through our campaign editor. 

To send a test email, within the touchpoint editor navigate to the top right corner of your screen, just above the content within your touchpoint (below the from name and addresses) 

(Please note: you will be prompted to enter a from name, email & reply to name and email before the test modal will appear)

Once you select Test, a pop up will appear where you have the option of entering in your email address (you can send to more than one recipient by separating the email addresses with a comma). 

Render template with customer (optional) - this option is available if you'd like to view a test email as a specific customer that exists within the campaigns reachable audience. Zaius' test emails are rendered using a real customer in your database so that you may effectively test any dynamic content that you are using within your campaign.

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