Please note that this document refers to pre-release functionality (coming with the Nov. 1st release)

Before sending your first Zaius email you need to create at least one domain to send from. 

A domain is the URL after the @ symbol in your "From Address"; e.g.

Add Domains

To manage your email domains, visit Account Settings → Email Settings → Domains & IPs.

Many customers choose to create two domains for each of their relevant brands.

For example, if your website is, you may want to add a domain like the following to Zaius:


The domains you add:

  1. Must be owned by your company
  2. Must not be used by any other email platform
  3. Must not host any website or service (you can validate this by visiting the domain in your web browser)

Note: Because reputation is tied to the domain, we recommend NOT adding your root domain (e.g. as a mailing domain. If you do so, and you are negatively impacted by poor reputation, all subdomains from that domain will likely be impacted as well.

Once you have added your domain, Zaius will need permission to use the domain. To do this, your technical team will need to update DNS records. To do this, provide a login to Zaius or send them the information in the table and request that they update the DNS records as described. You can then click "Verify DNS Records" to check if everything is properly configured.

Zaius currently allows you to self-service the creation of two domains. If you need additional domains (e.g. multiple brands), please contact the Zaius Support Team. An additional cost may be incurred.

Domain Information (Advanced Users)

After you've added a domain, additional information about the domain is available within the domain card:

  • Mail Subdomain: The subdomain used for DNS configuration and domain verification
  • Link Subdomain: The subdomain used for link tracking in emails; redirects to the URLs you've placed in content
  • IP Addresses: The pool of IP addresses that email send tasks are spread across; larger volumes may require more IP addresses

This information when grouped together as a domain within a Sender Profile, is used by email clients to determine your reputation. 

If you wish to request additional IP addresses or the auto-generated subdomains are utilized by other services, please contact Zaius support for details about custom configuration.

Your agreement with Zaius outlines a set number of IP addresses. Additional IP addresses can be added at minimal cost.

Create Sender Profiles

When you've successfully added at least domain you're ready to create your first Sender Profile. Sender Profiles are composed of:

  • Name
  • From Email
  • From Name
  • Reply-To Email
  • Reply-To Name

When creating campaigns via Zaius, Sender Profiles are used to populate the sender information for each message. You can create an unlimited number of Sender Profiles, though most clients choose to create between 1 - 5 depending on their use cases.

The From Email in a Sender Profile is what email clients display as the email of the sender. The domain for this email address is one of the domains you created in the previous step. This is how email providers tie email reputation to your company.

As for the other values: From Name and Reply-To Name can be any value you choose. Reply-To Email can be any valid email address.

Note: If you have created campaigns before October 2018, Zaius may have automatically generated Sender Profiles based on your previous campaigns and added "Auto" to the name. You can use these Sender Profiles or create your own.

Send Test Message

Now that you've created a domain and connected it to a Sender Profile, let's send your first test message!

  1. Create a Campaign: Go to Engage → Campaigns and select New Campaign
  2. Select Customers that match a filter and choose any filter. It doesn't matter which one, we're only sending a test message.
  3. Click Touchpoint 1
  4. On the touchpoint configuration screen, select a Sender Profile you created in the previous step
  5. Add a text element and some text to the template
  6. Add a subject line for the test email
  7. Click Test and enter an email to send the test message
  8. Confirm receipt of the test message

If you do not receive the message:

  1. Verify your Domains have the green checkmark in Account Settings
  2. Check your spam folder (and if present, reach out to your CSM to learn about building reputation)
  3. Contact Zaius Support
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