With the November 1st release of Domains & IPs there will be changes to the way campaigns behave: 

All newly created or updated campaigns will require:

  • a Sender Profile

All newly created Sender Profiles will require:

  • a From Address that contains a domain from the "Domains & IPs" page in Account Settings

The benefits of this are twofold:

  1. Improved reputation due to consistent sender information across messages
  2. Ability to segment messages by brand or message type (e.g. alerts vs. marketing)

Migration of Existing Campaigns

There is no impact to your customers or your existing campaigns.

With this update, some campaigns may not be setup with an ideal configuration, but don't worry! We have automatically generated Sender Profiles based on existing campaigns that you've created. These Sender Profiles don't get all of the benefits of newly created Sender Profiles, but ensure that all your messages are delivered exactly as they were before. 

More Details for Advanced Users

These legacy profiles send from all the IPs on your account rather than IPs associated with a single domain. For example, if you have two domains setup as follows:


The message will be equally distributed across the IPs. In this case, 50% on one and 50% on the other.

When creating a new Sender Profile and selecting a specific "From address", the only IPs used to send will be the ones associated with that address. For example, if you select offers.acme.com, will be utilized when sending.

Learn More

To learn more about adding domains and/or creating new Sender Profiles, head over to our Email Setup documentation.

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