NOTE: This document references pre-release functionality.

What is a Preference Center?

A Preference Center is a page dedicated to managing consent and list subscriptions. Preference Centers are often linked to in email footers to ensure compliance with CAN-SPAM and to provide your customers a way to easily manage their communication settings.

Create Lists

Before you create your first Preference Center, you may want to create Lists that customers can subscribe to (at Customers → Lists). Some common examples:

  • Coupons
  • Weekly Newsletter
  • Daily Deals
  • Holiday Offers

These types of lists allow your customers to subscribe to certain types of messages.. When creating campaigns you can choose to only send to users from a segment that have subscribed to certain lists.

Create a Preference Center

  • Go to Account Settings → Email Settings → Preference Centers
  • Select New Preference Center
  • You will be presented a default Preference Center (but you can customize many of the elements to match your brand)

All Preference Centers require, at minimum, the following elements before they can be published:

  • A button or link for a customer to opt-out from all communication
  • A text box to enter an email
  • A submit button for customer's to submit the form
  • A domain / URL

If you choose to add checkboxes, you may connect each checkbox to a list or multiple lists, and when your customer selects the checkbox and submits the form, they will be added to those lists.

If you do not connect any text boxes or checkboxes to a list, the customer will be opted-in to communication (but not added to any list) when the form is submitted.

Opt-in / Opt-Out Behavior

If your customer chooses to opt-out from all communication, Zaius will remove them from all the Lists that are connected to the Preference Center.

If the customer is opted-out and subscribes to any List, Zaius will opt them in as well to ensure they can receive those messages.

Domain / URL

Zaius allows you to choose a custom subdomain for your Preference Center URL from a pre-selected list of Zaius-owned domains:


For example, if your company was named Acme, you could reserve and your customers would be sent to this URL when managing preferences.

Premium Preference Centers & Custom Domains

(Coming Soon)

If you are interested in using your own website as your Preference Center domain (e.g. or removing the Zaius branding, ask Zaius Support about Premium Preference Centers.

To add a custom domain, you will need to add a sub-domain that is not used by any other page or service. You can verify that this is the case by visiting the URL in your browser.

Once you've done this, you can "Add Custom Domain" and then you will need to perform two steps (one-time only):

  • Configure DNS Records - Ensures that Zaius' content is displayed when visited
  • Enable SSL - Ensure that the page is secure when visited by your customers

Follow the instructions displayed in the Zaius UI and click Verify to ensure your tech team has successfully implemented the changes. Once both cards display green checkmarks, your Preference Center is ready to publish with a custom domain!

Link to your Preference Center from Email

Once your Preference Center is published, you may link to it from your emails. 

To make this simple, Zaius has added an "Unsub Footer" element to ZED that allows the simple addition of Opt-Out and Preference Center links.

  1. Go to an email template
  2. Drag in an "Unsub Footer" element
  3. Add "Manage Preferences" or your preferred text to the footer
  4. Select the text and click the link icon
  5. In the link modal, change the link type to "Preference Center" and select your published Preference Center from the list; if it's not shown, ensure that you've published your Preference Center

Your customers can now manage their consent and list subscriptions with minimal effort.

Note: Ensure you've allowed for 15-20 minutes for the Preference Center to propagate any changes you've made.

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