Note: This article refers to pre-release / beta functionality.

What is Web Content?

Zaius Web Content Campaigns allow you to launch modal pop-ups and forms on your website. There are two common uses cases:

  • Gathering information about your customers (e.g. email, name)
  • Displaying offers and promotions to customers


To start creating a web content campaign, go to:

Campaigns → Create New Campaign → Customers Who Visit My Site

To begin designing and configuring your web content, click into the touchpoint.


Web Modals

Modals are overlaid on top of your site and fade out the background with your selected backdrop color. Many settings of the modal are contained within the Container details:

If your web content contains a signup form, Zaius will validate you have the following fields:

  • Email
  • Opt-In Checkbox (requirement can be disabled upon request)
  • Submit Button

Additionally you can add text boxes for name or additional checkboxes for specific Lists.

Main vs. Confirmation Design

At the top of ZED, when your content contains a form and the form doesn't redirect to another page, you will have the ability to toggle between "Main" and "Confirmation" designs.

The main design is the design your customers will see when the content is first displayed. The confirmation design is the design they will see once they successfully submit the form.

Close Buttons

Close buttons are not required for modals, if you disable the close button, your modal can be closed by clicking outside of the container.

Backdrop Color

Backdrop color is the color of your web page behind the modal.


Pages are the specific pages you want your web content to be displayed on. You can choose to "Show" or "Hide" on a specific set of pages. 

For the page itself you can match on an "Exact" set of text or if the text "Contains" a certain string of characters. "Contains" is typically sufficient for most use cases, since many URLs contain information like query parameters that differ between customers.


Web Modals only

Once you've selected where to display your modals, you'll need to decide when to display them.

  • Immediately: Displays as soon as the customer visits one of the pages defined
  • After X Seconds: Displays after the allotted time
  • x% Page Scroll: Displays after the customer scrolls a certain percentage of the page
  • Exit Intent: Displays when the customer's mouse leaves the active window, indicating that they may intend to leave the page

Manually Trigger (Advanced)

To manually display web content based on your own criteria, Zaius provides an SDK method for your development team to utilize:

'showContent', {
  contentId: '<insert_content_id>',
  target: {
    selector: '<insert css selector>', // empty string for modals
    position: 'modal' // modal | before | after | inside | replace

Using this snippet, you can trigger a modal in custom scenarios; e.g. when your customer adds an item to cart or logs in.


Web Content can be constrained to not display under certain circumstances. All web content contains a default constraint: it will be hidden by default once it has been submitted by the customer. 

Additionally, you can limit to:

  • X number of displays per time range: Limit customers from seeing too much in a single time period (e.g. once per week)
  • X number of displays ever: Limit from seeing more than X number of times ever for this campaign
  • Show on Mobile (coming soon): Display the modal on mobile

Note: Mobile modals are disabled by default as Google does not recommend displaying modals on mobile. As a result, your companies SEO may be negatively impacted if you enable modals on mobile.


To test your web content, Zaius provides the ability to preview web content on your site and share the web content to other employees before "Go Live". To do so, click "Preview" in the top right of the "Design" card and enter the page you wish to display on.

Zaius will validate the page you have selected matches the rules you've setup in the "Pages" card. All triggers will be active during the preview phase while constraints will be ignored.

Subscription Events & Analytics

Web Modals & Web Embeds trigger a series of events under certain circumstances. These events allow you to track important analytics about how your web campaign is performing:

Web Modals 

Event Type: web_modal

Event Action:

  • impression - triggered when the web content is viewed
  • submission - triggered when a form exists and is submitted
  • click - triggered when any link is clicked, and link destination is stored in "value" field
  • exit - triggered when a user takes no other action in the modal and closes out

All list subscribe and consent events generated by web content will have the following campaign information attached:

  • campaign: name of the web campaign
  • medium: web_modal OR web_embed (depending on type)
  • source: zaius

Premium Web Content

All Zaius clients gain access to basic Web Modals by default. To access Web Embeds (coming soon), custom constraints and triggers, and to remove the Zaius logo, contact support to learn about Premium Web Content.

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