A common way to reach out to customers and keep them engaged and in your active audience is to target them with a Winback campaign. But how do you target them right as they are about to go inactive? Let's dive in. 

Before we get started, you will need to have an active audience defined that you regularly send to. If you need help defining that, please consult your Customer Success Manager. Here is the active segment that we will be using in this example:

Here are the segments you will need to build to support your rolling Winback segment:

  • Non-recent activity
  • This is used to define people who have non-recent activity for the segment below. You probably won't have any reason to use this on its own but you'll need it to leverage in another segment.
  • This will be used to capture non-recent activity to identify people who have activity that is on the threshold of your active segment. Whenever the criteria changes for your active segment, you will also need to change this segment to align with it. Note that the time periods for each line item align with the day after those in the example active audience above - this should be true of the segment you build as well.
  • Rolling Inactives for Winback
  • This one will be the segment you should use for your Winback campaign - it will capture anyone who has recently gone inactive and left your active audience segment we previously defined.
  • The logic here is very simple since we have already built out everything else: 
  • Please note - we recommend that your Winback volume does not exceed 10% of your daily email volume for the purposes of maintaining a good sending reputation. If your segments are set up correctly and you are running other standard automated campaigns, this shouldn't be a concern but it may be helpful in checking that your initial reachable audience is the correct size before setting your campaign live for the first time.

  • Inactive email audience - ALL
  • This is not needed for your Winback but may be good to have for retargeting purposes
  • This captures all of your inactives for email - this segment can also be used for retargeting purposes. 
  • This is simply defined as anyone who is not in your active segment:
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