Sending an email to a customer to wish them a happy birthday or congratulate them on a milestone is a great way to let a customer know you care, while also getting your brand in front of them. Giving a discount or coupon is also a way to get an easy purchase.

This article explains how to define this segment and configure a campaign to use it.

Segment Creation - Birthdays

This segment includes customers who have a birthday in a given month.

In order to do so, you will need to have a custom field under the customers dimension for birth month.

Once the data has been imported or is being collected, construct a segment by navigating to Customers > Segment Manager and clicking on "+ Segment" and then "Create a New Segment".

You will need to create 12 segments - one for each month.

Within the Demographics tab, configure the segment in this way:

  1. Input the birth month for the given month you would like to set the campaign up. The input or tracking does not necessarily need to be numerical but can be the text instead (March).

Your segment should look similar to the below screenshot:

Campaign Setup

This campaign should be set up as scheduled, not event-triggered. You are unable to add segments to event-triggered emails.

Follow the instructions outlined in the Campaign Creation documentation to create and define a campaign for targeting your Browse Abandoners.

Results Analysis

After your campaign begins sending, you'll want to analyze results. See the various analytics help pages for further information on how to dive into metrics for the campaign. Good places to start:

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